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Totemwolfie's LiveJournal for Shatterstars.com

Written with claws in the dirt and smeared with blood

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ancient vampires, art, autumn, bands, bathing in moonlight, big bad wolf, black, black cats, bones, books, boys, boys kissing, bubble baths, caffiene, camping, candles, celtic, changing, christmas, city of howls, claws, clubs, coffee houses, collin, costumes, creepy things, crossdressing, crystal heart, cutting, darkness, death, deep night, devotion, dogs, dogwolf, dreamcatchers, dreams, dressing up for fun, evil, fairy tails, family, fangs, flesh, forests, fox, fox/collin, full moon, fun clothes, fur, gay, gay marriage, gay rights, gay werewolves, glowing eyes, goth, grandparents, graveyards, grey, grey/collin, grey/luke, halloween, heart, hiking, holidays, horror movies, hot chocolate, howl, howling, howling until morning, hunting, huskies, infection, ireland, irish, jason/raven, keepsakes, lesbians, licks, little red riding hood, long hair on boys, long nails, love, luke, lycanthropy, midnight, mismatched socks, mist, moonlight, movies, music, noah/collin, pain, paws, photography, pink and black, pizza, police officers, popcorn, punk, puppies, puppy love, pwp, raven, raven/jason, raven/luke, raw meat, reading, red eyes, rice/chase, romance, roses, scent of rain, seasons, secrets, sex in the car, short stories, singing, skin, slash, sleeping, snow, songs, staying up all night, summer vacation, tattoos, the magic shop, the pack, the ridge, the taste of blood, tolerance, transformation, trees, true love, undying love, valentine's day, vampires, venice, vikings, warm beds, werewolf/vampire, werewolves, wet noses, wolf pack, wolfen, wolfie snuggles, wolfsbane, wolves, woodlands, yaoi