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I forgot all about this Journal!
The Howling // by Chaosbunnie

I stumbled across this ancient journal today and I was shocked! Yikes, it's been forever since I've posted here. Um, mainly because I don't post here anymore.

All the updates for my website, SHATTERSTARS.COM and for (dun, dun dun) The Howling Series are posted at imaginary_walls! And yes, I am working on the Howling Series yet. It recently started getting a total revamp, and I am working back and forth between a brand new book and rewriting the second book. I'm pretty damn happy with the rewrite so far; I'm cleaning up lose ends, adding new characters and smoothing out all the rough edges. So if you're still around, and still interested in reading, head over to Imaginary Walls! You have to be a member to read the series, as it's members only to keep out prying eyes.

Lots of love, and good howling!


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